Xanga Server Update 4

We allocated more resources to the Xanga server today to reduce server lag and downtime, but we may still need to move to a better hosting provider to ensure there are enough resources and support to run the site. The cost to run this server is around $1300 HKD/month including premium features and support. We will try to minimize server resources and keep testing in these two months to evaluate if Xanga Hong Kong can sustain and keep running.


Xanga Server Update 3


可能註冊表格寫得不夠清楚,我們發現不少會員註冊時沒有勾選申請網誌,所以申請會員後沒有網誌。我們將稍後處理這個問題。如果你想我們人手為你加網誌, 你可以電郵到 support@xanga.hk (新電郵) ,電郵中請說明你的會員名稱。


Xanga Server Update 2


更新時間: 下午 1時到4時